Family Law

Family legal issues are often heartbreaking, and can tear a family apart when not handled correctly. Whether you’re facing the possibility of divorce or are involved in child custody matters, it is critical that you obtain high quality legal support.


Divorce is a trying time for any couple, whether children are involved or not. Both contested divorces and uncontested divorces have the potential to wreak havoc on your life, leaving you with little after all is said and done. Attorney Jose A. Loayza fully understands the unique challenges that a divorce case presents, and is committed to providing you the compassionate and zealous legal representation you need during such a challenging time.

Child Custody & Visitation

Child custody and visitation matters are two of the most sensitive matters of family law. When children are involved, legal matters become instantly elevated and protecting the best interests of the children is a priority. Attorney Loayza understands the unique challenges presented by child custody and visitation issues, and will provide you with the zealous representation you need to protect your children and your family.


When a divorce is final, a Florida court will issue a court order detailing how the matter will be handled by the parties involved going forward. Court orders generally are in effect for many years, however, circumstances will often change before then. It may be difficult to continue to adhere to the requirements of a court order for child support or custody when significant changes in circumstances occur, such as a change in material circumstances as a result of job loss or a demotion.

Failure to abide by a court order could cause you to be held in contempt of court, which has significant legal ramifications that you want to avoid if at all possible. When circumstances change and affect your ability to continue abiding by a court order, it is critical that you obtain quality legal support as soon as possible. Attorney Loayza has the skills and experience to petition the Florida court system for a modification to your original court order when circumstances deem it necessary.

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When family legal matters threaten to unravel your life, it is imperative that you obtain seasoned legal support as quickly as possible.

You need someone on your side who can passionately advocate for your rights and best interests, as well as the rights and best interests of your children. Attorney Loayza has an innate understanding of family law in Florida and can provide you with zealous advocacy in the face of even the most challenging family law matters.

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